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~*Counting the Sheep*~

))*Nothing But A Dream*((
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This is the Community about Dreams, hence the name "Counting Sheep". People are limited to dreams, some can remember every little detail while another person cannot remember a single thing and yet still knows they had a dream.
People have Good dreams about happy stuff in life or a thing one enjoys and remembers from life, this is called a[daydreams]. Others have Bad dreams containg horror, or something that one fears, this is called a [nightmare].

So this is the community for all the ranting about your dreams that you have and need to get off your chest or to just mention it so see if someone had a similar dream and meet and talk to strangers. =P

And for Rules:
There arent really, just dont be hatin' dawg. Just show respect and be mature about situations. Arguements may occur and i dont give a shit, just dont do anything that will offend someone innocent...