-Fra- (bloodklot) wrote in counting_sheepz,

Monroe high skewl.

The other night when i was spending the night at the hotel with brittany and jennifer. I had a weird ass dream...

It was at monroe high school and a friend came up to me screaming "ITS IN MY HEAD RUNNNN, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!!"

*holy shit* i thought.

Im not sure who it was running at me, but it was a guy. ANyways, I was watching kids hold their head and run around like chickens with their head cut off or something.

I look out the window and theres these little brain things running around outside jumping on things to suck out their brains, blood or something that they wanted out of a human body.. I think they were blind, they were attracted to sound or viberations... Hmph.

Anyways i looked behind me and there is a swarm of them so i run up stairs and lock myself in the hallway where the computer room is and watched people get attacked by these Halo (the videogame) like creatures.

Then they busted through the window and i pulled off some ninja like shit.. It was sweet.. And i woke up freaking out, wondering where i was...

Then i told them my dream and yeahh then i masturbated in front of them and it was swell.
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