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Attack of the empty school

so i've been having about 38975342 weird dreams. heres one

 In this dream... cassi and i were supposidly going to this wedding. and then dail shows up and starts telling me he's sorry for everything and that he wants to be friends . I agree but then he and cassi are sitting on this bed and he kisses her! wtf is that!!!!!!???

I pretend like i didnt see and go about cleaning under the bed, and they are now laying under the covers getting closer together.

finally dail is gone and i freak out on cassi being all "wtf!? you're supposed to be my friend...and excuse me what about wood?"

and hse says "he started it.... and plus wood promised me that he would be here at the wedding and he's off somewhere with jason"

we are all of the sudden riding on the back of this train but then im in the middle of this street with frankie. we kiss a few times and then we start making out.

 then im on the train again. but it stops at what is supposidly jefferson high school but it looks like a poorly lit version of cantrick.

 christine and i are looking for my math class but then she apologizes and runs away. im all alone and i have no clue where my classes are, oddly enough there are no people in the school but me, but i didnt seem to notice.

finally i get to my math class and its just me, the teacher and one other kid. the classroom looked exactly like mrs labeau's room from my elementary school and we did no work and then i got a drink.

 i turned around and told someone that i did know where i was supposed to go and then............

 i woke up.

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