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... my life is but a dream

Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm new. 1st time poster.

Some morinings Mom makes me wake up when she is about to go to work. (about 7:30) Then some days I have to take out the trash so I do and then I go and fall back asleep on the couch with the TV on before I wake up for school. Lot's and Lots of times I fall asleep and then after an hour or so I dream of waking up from the couch I'm sleeping on and I'm walking around getting ready for school. BUT I'm dreaming this. I'm not actually doing it. I relize this is a dream cause this happen a lot and I'm getting used to the feeling. At first when this happened I dreamed I was getting ready for school then I would walk though the walls or I open my bathroom door and it wouldn't be my bathroom. It would be like a school or something. So once I relize I'm dreaming about getting ready, I would automaticly wind up back to my couch and at first I'd think this is reality then I relize it's not and I do the whole process over again. There are mornings I'm worried I can't fully wake up. Most of the time I wiggle my fingers or toes and that kinda helps then finally I wake up.
So! Does anyone have anything familler like this? Does anyone understand what I'm talking about? Does anyone know what it is if this stuff has a name?
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