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Deja vu

My dreams lately have been involving, murders lately...

One i remember where an italian man that looked like your stereotypical, curly, long mustache that makes pizzas was chasing after Cassi, Erica and christine through a corn field with a large kitchen clever. They were screaming... And i just watched them with some people in a truck.. then the truck died and the locks were opening and then the doors were opening forcefully.. and we ended up dropping to the ground and doing an army military crawl.. Where your on your elbows and just flat on the ground and crawling.. Then i led them through something that was like a little tunnel randomly in a pathway. Adn i went in there and i got to end and i was really happy and then i seen his shoe and i stopped and they were screaming "why did you stop!?" and i slowly turnede my head and said quietly to turn around hes right here and you hear him laugh and it was just ruckus.. then i woke up..

Last nights dream Consisted of Me, Ashley, Christine, My dads house, Grandma, christines parents.. and thats it i think..
We were at my dads house in detroit and we were upstairs just eating some pizza. And then we went downstairs for some reason becuase we heard some gun shots and screaming.. So we slowly went out there. And we were barefoot.. But we ended up bolting to the doors because we heard more gunshots but then the doors were locked.. And i think it was at 3 in the morning and i was supposed to drive us to school from my dads house. And we ended up staying outside until 6 and we all were laughing and saying so much for school huh? ... and just laughed and said of course.. And then christine got a phone somehow and said to them that we werent going... and yeah. they were cool with it..
Then i had to call my dad and he didnt have a key either so he called my grandmas house (downstairs) and said we couldnt get in and then she coulndt get the door open for some reason.. but we pushed christine through a window and she opened the door and went upstairs and fell asleep...
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