-z- (_blackholesun_) wrote in counting_sheepz,

grand theft and arachnaphobia.

Kind of odd.

Dreamt about wesley snipes, covered in scorpions and spiders...in someone's kitchen at a party.

then Fred and I were sitting around on some type of...sun room porch. It was cloudy and raining outside. Then I noticed someone got into my car and started driving away. I just said,"who's that? they're in my car!" Fred's response,"ok...I don't know who that was."

It was gone.

Almost as if we didn't care at that point.

fast forward>>>>>

I was in place of wesley snipes. Covered in these scorpions, which seemed to be changing into spiders. Very odd...

Fred just came into the dimly lit kitchen and asked me, "what are you doing." I don't remember what I said exactly. I just know that I wasn't paranoid about these arachnids crawling all over me. A huge tan and white spider staring me in the face with eight eyes.

These creatures were my friends.

Then I woke up.

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