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He rocks my socks?

First entry about a dream that i semi remember. Since ashley kept waking me up...ANyways, it consists of the mutant teenage mutant turtles and kevin leer and some old haggy lady..
I was in a room that seemed like it was a rich persons house and it was an apartmement like room though. It had a balcony way up high, but it was someones house. Usually balconys lead outside this lead to a library type room. (where i was).
And one of the damned turtles from "TMNT" kept scraping against the wall making a loud noise with his skateboard (i think it was the orange one) and the blue turtle said to me "hes just going to get in trouble watch" and he started to count down. And as soon as he hit 1 a lady that came from the balcony started to scream at the orange one. Then i left to use the bathroom.
as i was going upstairs there was a knock at the door and so i answered it. IT was Kevin leer. Score.
And he asked if he could spend the night and i said sure, so we went upstairs and i showed him the bathroom. After showing it to him i went potty becuase one of those turtles decided to almost walk in on me... Grrr.
then i went to a room that looked like jimmy neutrons and kevin was sitting on a bean bag and so i decided to sit on the other one. And then we talked about something but i dont remember what and i was awaken by ashley. For the 5th time calling.
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